Better Together

Fact: Intranets are critical to a credit union's success. Here's why...

Credit unions and intranets have a lot in common

Among other things, credit unions are all about community, collaboration, and consensus. Interestingly, those are the same values that inspired us to create a social intranet.

Why does this affect you?

While there’s little doubt that credit unions can benefit from a social intranet, picking an actual provider is far from easy. But we're here to help. Or rather, Ilana Friesen, former internal communications specialist for one of Canada's largest credit unions and authority on the topic of intranets for credit unions, is here to help.

In her most recent eBook, Ilana recounts what drove her team to transition from SharePoint to a social intranet, the methodology that underpinned their research, and the myriad benefits the move helped realize. It also includes an easy-to-follow guide that will walk you through their 6-step selection process. 

Just fill in the blanks on the form and it's all yours... it's worth the 10-minute read!