Intranet information architecture

Your step-by-step guide to building an effective IA

Empowering your team to build your own intranet IA

For your intranet to have the best chance of success, it needs to have the right structure, navigation, and usability. But where do you begin?

Information Architecture (IA) is the organization of content that allows users to understand where they are, and where the information they want is located. It is often thought of as the blueprint of an intranet.

We know building an IA is complex and time-consuming, but it's a crucial step. To help, we've created this white paper that provides all of the necessary information to create a superior IA that your users will benefit from. By the end of this guide, you will know how to:

  • Catalog all the pages and files in your intranet and determine the usefulness of each content piece.
  • Sort your intranet content into logical groupings.
  • Evaluate the findability of your content.
  • Build your information architecture.
  • Validate, verify, and maintain your hard work.

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