Six inspiring intranets 

A collection of engaging intranet examples to spark creativity for your project.

Award winning intranet examples

We are often asked how organizations can improve their intranet—make it more visually appealing, increase engagement, boost productivity, or enhance company culture. While we may have a few ideas, it is our customers who are the real experts.

One of the ways we discover just how clever our customers are is through ThoughtFarmer’s Best Intranet Awards competition. Included in this white paper are some of the incredible submissions we have received over the last few years. You'll see how:

  • BOK Financial designed their intranet to unify employees during a crisis.
  • MedData took innovation to the next level.
  • Capital Region BOCES made a big impact inside of their organization.
  • Destination Canada created a place that employees want to visit.
  • And, more!

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