Reducing Culture Clash in M&A

How an intranet supports cultural unity to ensure your merger's success

Support cultural unity with an intranet

Culture clash damages mergers. Through interviews, case studies and industry research, this white paper explains how an intranet can support your cultural integration plan and reduce culture clash in M&A.

Included in this workbook:

  • Why mergers fail: We’ve compiled research from across the M&A industry into a concise explanation of how culture clash destroys value in M&A.
  • The importance of the social merger: The paperwork has been signed, the finances combined, and the leadership reorganized. But the social merger isn’t finished until the cultures mesh as one.
  • Using an intranet to facilitate the merger: From providing a clear communication platform to helping people find one another in a newly merged company, an intranet provides the tools to speed cultural integration.
  • Interviews with industry experts: Internal communications leaders, intranet experts, and M&A consultants come together to discuss the opportunities and advantages presented by an intranet.
  • Examples: M&A stories from American Airlines, Graymont, LifeMARK Health, and others.

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