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Join our Product and CS team they take a deep dive into the ThoughtFarmer mobile app!


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You had questions, we have answers!

It was a great session with a lot of questions! We're pretty sure we answered all of them (either during the webinar, or via a follow-up email) but please reach out if you haven't heard from us

What versions of ThoughtFarmer does the mobile app work with?
The mobile app works with ThoughtFarmer 10 and above. See this helpdesk article for more information. 
We love the idea of staff sharing photos! Can admins review photos before they go live?
Yes. You can use page permissions to achieve this workflow. First, create the photo gallery page with restricted view and edit permissions. For example, only event attendees can see and upload photos. Then, a moderator can review all photos, either approve or reject/delete them, before making the photo gallery page public for all to view.
Are there any design tips to ensure intranet pages display nicely in the app?
There are no specific design considerations or limitations you need to worry about as content author. You can focus on the content itself, and let ThoughtFarmer present it in the best possible way to your viewers, whether that's on desktop or on mobile app. Design once, works everywhere.
Can you embed a link to someone's Microsoft Teams profile in their ThoughtFarmer profile?
In ThoughtFarmer, you can edit your profile to include a hyperlink to any external site or tool. In this case, it's a link to MS Teams. If you happen to have the Teams app installed on your mobile device, that hyperlink will automatically open in the personal chat window in the app. This is a simple way to integrate the ThoughtFarmer profile with your favorite instant chat tool!
Can you explain the function of the 'three bar menu' to right of the search icon?
The hamburger menu on the top right opens the intranet hierarchy which allows you to quickly jump from one section to another. This hierarchy is the same as the one you see on the left hand panel of ThoughtFarmer web.
Can chat messages result in push notifications?
At this time, push notifications is limited to broadcast only. We are planning to let you at-mention someone in ThoughtFarmer and also have that message sent via push notifications for added attention.
Is the mobile intranet address different than our internal intranet address?
It is the same address.
Is there a way to hide mobile numbers from profiles, but still push notifications to those profiles?
Push notifications does not require the use of a mobile phone number at all. It only requires an internet connection, either via Wifi or Cellular Data. SMS is the messaging technology that requires the use of a physical mobile phone number. ThoughtFarmer app does not natively support SMS at this time. Our professional services team can investigate customizations to support SMS.
Is there a Slack integration?
Yes - ThoughtFarmer integrates with Slack today, allowing your users to easily preview, search, and discover intranet content and activities right within the Slack interface. This means, for example, if you post something new in ThoughtFarmer, whether via the desktop or the mobile app, your colleagues can be instantly notified via a Slack channel. For more information, see this helpdesk article
Does the people directory link to apps like Teams, Microsoft Outlook, etc?
Yes, you can add one or more hyperlinks under the Contact section of a ThoughtFarmer profile page. These hyperlinks can point to any external tool or site, including MS Teams, Outlook, Zoom, etc.
How much does the app cost?
It free to download for everyone. To connect to the intranet, you need a valid license or subscription.

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