Where the heck is everything? How to organize your intranet content to enhance productivity

The importance of Information Architecture 

For your intranet to succeed, content must be well organized, well structured, and labeled in a way that is both intuitive and sustainable. In other words, your intranet needs a good Information Architecture (IA).

IA is the organization of content that allows users to understand where they are, and where the information they want is located on their intranet. From ease of use and simplified navigation to faster adoption, your intranet is dependent on a strong IA.

Join us on March 14th, at 12:00 PM PST where, Trevor Allen, Product Experience Manager, and Jessica Dill, Senior User Experience Designer, and Joel Hetariki, Customer Success Manager at Optimal Workshop, will share the secrets to achieving a superior IA for your intranet. You will learn how to:

  • Catalog all the pages and files and determine the usefulness of each piece.
  • Sort your intranet content into logical groupings.
  • Use Tree Testing to evaluate the findability of your content.
  • Build your information architecture.
  • Test and validate all your hard work.


  • When: Thursday, March 14, 2019
  • Time: 12:00 PM PDT
  • Format: 30 minute presentation + 15 minutes Q&A
  • Can't attend live? This webinar will be recorded. Simply sign-up to watch the recorded version later on-demand.

Meet the experts

Trevor Allen
Product Experience Manager, ThoughtFarmer
Trevor combines his love for interaction design, information architecture, system design, and product management to give our clients an intuitive intranet platform that’s engaging, consistent, intuitive, and dare we say, fun to use. He also works on product road mapping, manages product enhancements, and ensures that clients are set up before launch.

Jessica Dill
Senior User Experience Designer, ThoughtFarmer
Jessica is a senior user experience practitioner, specializing in information architecture and user research. At ThoughtFarmer, she uses her 15 plus years of experience, to help clients create usable classification and categorization structures to ensure well organized content and easy-to-use intranets.

Joel Hetariki
Customer Success Manager, Optimal Workshop
He's a contact for all things support and a self proclaimed instructor, teaching the fine art of conducting research with Optimal Workshop. When he's not delighting his customers with finesse and pizzazz, he can be found behind the lens of his camera or supporting his local rugby team, the Hurricanes.